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Silver Video Package

Our basic wedding videography package.

Senior bride and groom photography.
Close up photo of two silver rings.

This Package Includes...

What you get as standard:

1. Single camera operator.

2. Complete multi-camera set up.

3. High quality audio recording and editing.

4. Coverage of the main ceremony

5. Coverage of the speeches.

6. Coverage of the reception.

7. Coverage of the first dance.

8. Wedding highlights film (3-5 minutes approximately).

9. Separate "Complete Ceremony Film" and separate "Complete Speeches Film".

10. High quality digital downloads of all completed films.

11. FREE TRAVEL for all weddings on the Isles of Lewis and Harris. 

Optional Extras:

1. Cutting-Room Floor Film: a film (with original audio) of footage from the day that didn't make the highlights film, resembling wedding highlights of old - £350

2. Wedding ceilidh/party coverage (staying right to the end) - £200

3. Additional videographer - £500

4. Aerial drone videography - £450

5. Secret Message Interview: professional quality separate interviews with the couple filmed before the event where each individual has the opportunity to deliver a secret message to their partner. This will then be revealed as a surprise part of their wedding film - £400

6. Event livestream: a high quality live stream of the ceremony and speeches (dependant on wifi at venue) - £500

7. 1 year hard drive back up of raw (unedited) footage and the video edit - £200

8. 2 year hard drive back up of raw (unedited) footage and the video edit - £250

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